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BARLEY STRAW - WHAT IT DOES: Barley straw is a natural non-toxic, inexpensive inhibitor of floating algae in ponds and a stimulator of pond plants. Barley straw has been used in Europe for centuries for this purpose. It works by decomposing and releasing minute but continuous amounts of hydrogen peroxide. Decomposition of the barley straw in the presence of sunlight and oxygen produces the hydrogen peroxide needed for inhibition of new algae growth. Barley straw does not kill existing algae (which will die naturally in several weeks), but seems to prohibit growth of new algae. Each package treats 500 - 1000 gallons (click on the Calculate button to the left to compute quantity needed to treat your pond). For existing clarity problems, use Mother Nature's Pond Clarifier in addition to the straw bags.
Price: $10.00

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